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While working in the transport industry it was noticed that a lot of reliance on day to day operations was placed on people and paperwork. The industry relies upon a very small profit margin and the end of year money was directly proportionate to the volume of bookings taken. Thus more bookings more profit.

The Dispatch Transport (DT) software took shape as it became a reservations platform to manage many thousands of bookings. As each reservations person was required to enter, edit and search bookings the programme next allowed customers to directly manage their own account. Adding, editing, searching and cancelling bookings live.

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Seeking interested parties to continue growth as the programme has grown too big for one person to manage.


A sophisticated dispatch environment was created to quickly and effectively manage the hundreds of bookings per day. This did not stop here as each driver and chauffeur can manage their bookings via their smart phones.

This worked very successfully for a single office or operation. Again it did not stop there the programme was designed to manage multiple operators simultaneously online without one knowing the other either existed or was there. Another extra was to allow other operators or offices to sell each other's areas and manage and flick bookings to and from each other while still holding the integrity of their customers and pricing databases.

Currently the programme successfully manages more than 800 bookings a day with ease. One operator has more than 60 limousines running 24/7 and they all interface through their smart phones, iPads and tablets. Also having more than 600 customer users managing their accounts online. With approximate monthly turnover of AUD$1 million.

While the current functionality has proven boundless there is a distinct possibility that this programme could manage multiple operators simultaneously around the world. We are interested now in sourcing interested parties to further this endeavour.

The programme does a lot more than stated and is proving itself every day.

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