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Electronic Chest of technology to better your life

ECHEST stands for electronic chest. We found ourselves training and educating individuals and business in IT today. Many questions were being raised as to what today’s business needed to maintain and or grow in today’s world.

There is a lot of electronic gadgetry available  and to know what you need and what will ultimately  bring savings and profit to your company is very difficult. A lot of time was spent explaining what electronics were available and how to best take advantage of these new things and training to best utilise what they bought or already had.

Travelling the road alone may have great scenery but a lonely journey, it is  better a road travelled with a friend.

ECHEST has grown over many years. A private endeavour that has grown not in size and value but in stature and integrity. We have found that the empowering of others is more valuable to enrich everyone we encounter. We have been rewarded with trust and referral from our valued customers.

What We Do

  • Data

    Data today is the most important item in your business. The accumulation of data from day one is used to run the business and can be used to mine to make the business bigger, better, faster and more efficient. How important is your data. How much protection do you need for your data. What software manages your data. What hardware supports your data.

  • Software

    Software is the engine that can. If it can not, get better software. How do you know what you need. Today with cloud computing, IP networks, routing and security what is best for your business. All IT software and hardware comes at a cost and the IT road can be long and expensive. IT is necessary, IT is data, IT is here to stay and you have to learn to use it and better it.

  • Business

    Business is the coming together of all areas in a productive and systematic evolution to profitability. Accounting, data entry, bookings, deliveries, outsource, projects, building, management, marketing & sales, compliance and quality. The list goes on. Statistical Analysis, Business Intelligence, Staff Training, Change Management, Business Plan. Get things rolling today.

  • Evolve & Transition

    Once in a while business needs an evaluation by an outsider looking in. Every business runs on rails of the business plan, the cash flow and budget. While momentum is strong some times the direction needs to be fine tuned to get back on track. Focus and evolution requiring Change or Transition. This may mean upgrade or Risk Assessment on when is a good time to change and what to change in your world of IT.

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